Thursday, July 12, 2012

Community Colleges

Question: Why do community colleges matter?

Answer/Quote: “Learning more about the role of junior colleges in this state narrative of remediation would have been welcome, but that would likely have blurred the focus that is so clearly and tellingly placed…. Nonetheless, we community college professionals can take solace from this point: like remediation, community colleges will always be with us, if only one hopes, to remind universities that every student matters.” P. 319.

Comment: Eloquent statement on the meaning of community colleges. RayS.

Review of the book, The Rhetoric of Remediation: Negotiating Entitlement and Access to Higher Education by Jane Stanley, Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh, 2010, 180 pp. Reviewed y Howard Tilberg, Teaching English in the Two-Year College (March 2012), 317-319.

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