Monday, July 2, 2012

Literature and Professional Writing

Question: How can writing about literature be paired with professional writing?

Answer: The authors of this article suggest that while writing about literature, students deal with the theme of the literature in various examples of professional writing. The ethics involved in Frankenstein in cloning a human being might be an example. In professional writing, students must learn clearly to identify the audience and to express clearly the purpose for writing, an important reason for pairing writing about literature and dealing in a professional manner with the themes of the literature.

Comment: An interesting idea. In dealing with the themes of the literature, students might use forms of writing in science like reports, etc. RayS.

Title: “Literature-Based Professional Writing: An Oxymoron Whose Time Has Come.” KR Newhouse, ML Propper, RM Riedel, and BS. Teitelzweig in Jonathan Bush and Leah Zuidema, Editors, “Professional Writing in the English Classroom.” English Journal (March 2012), 997-100.

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