Friday, July 27, 2012

Teaching College Writing

Question: What are some questions about the teaching of college writing?

> “How much writing was assigned beyond the required basic and college-level writing courses? Were students prepared for the volume of writing required?”

> “To what extent were students writing in genres other than the essay? Did students expect to write in modes other than the academic essay?”

> “What role did revision have in writing instruction at the college? How did students’ understanding of this task differ from that of faculty?”

> “When faculty assessed student writing, was the emphasis on higher-or lower-order concerns? Did faculty feedback match student expectations?”

> “How extensive was faculty commentary on student writing? What purpose did that commentary serve? To explain a grade? To guide revision? Both? How did students process the commentary?” p. 556.

From Tinberg and Nadeau: The Community College Writer: Exceeding Expectations. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP. 2010.

Comment: How would my readers answer these questions? RayS.

 Title: “Review Essay: Beyond Typical Ideas of Writing: Developing a Diverse Understanding of Writers, Writing, and Writing Instruction.” SK Miller-Cochran. College Composition and Communication (February 2011), 550-559.

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