Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Early Reading Instruction

Question: What is one problem with early reading instruction?

Answer/Quote: “Indeed, some argue that limited exposure to informational texts serves as a ‘barrier to full access to literacy’ (Pappas, 1991a, p. 461) and that exposure to informational texts in the early years is crucial if students are to succeed in a world that demands the ability to navigate the genres that dominate the later years of schooling and adulthood (Ogle and Blachowicz, 2002; Venezky, 2000). What is this text type that is so crucial to future success? Informational text….” P. 481.

Comment: In the early years, kindergarten and first grad, we have tended to emphasize narrative text. The authors suggest that read-alouds also include extended experience with information texts on a variety of topics. RayS.

Title: “Young Children’s Limited Narrow Exposure to Informational Text.” RH Yopp and HK Yopp. Reading Teacher (April 2012), 480-490.

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