Friday, May 4, 2012

Test Scores

Question: How does the Disney Teacher of the Year deal with the stress of test scores?

Question: “You also write that teachers need to stop stressing about test scores. Is that really a practical suggestion in light of the current implementation of the Common Core State Standards?”

Answer: “What I mean is that teachers should avoid mention of them as much as they can. At our school we just focus on teaching. No one mentions test scores here—that’s a strict rule. We want learning to be joyful at all times. We save the mandated tests until the last week of school. And we describe them to the students as a celebration of our learning. And do you know what? Our test scores are great!” Ron Clark.

Comment: A healthy approach to the stress of test scores. Just teach. The scores will take care of themselves. That’s what I always did. I didn’t care what tests were thrown at the students. If I taught well, the test scores would take care of themselves. I know that sounds simplistic. Students need to know how to take tests. That was always part of my curriculum anyway, especially when it came time for the SAT. RayS.

Title:  “Annual Convention: Ron Clark, ‘America’s Educator,’ Tapped for Featured Keynote at Second General Session.” Interview by Ron Clark. Reading Today (April/May 2012), 16-17.

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