Friday, April 6, 2012

Advice on Writing

Question: What is one writer’s advice on writing?

Answer/Quote: “Francine Prose is a writer who wears many hats. She’s written 25 books that include novels, novellas, short-story collections, nonfiction and children’s books. She is a literary thinker, writer and commentator whose work also includes countless book reviews, stories and articles for most major American magazines and newspapers.”

What is her advice on writing?
“Writing takes a lot of courage and extremely hard work. There’s a lot to be said for automatic writing in the beginning, just getting the manuscript down on the page in whatever way you can. The first draft is the hardest part. Once you have it, then you can be merciless with yourself in revision. Do what you can that first time to get it done so you don’t get stalled.”

Comment: Many writers say the same thing, Get the first draft down as quickly as you can and then worry about revision. It will keep you from being “stalled.” RayS.

Title: “A Keen Eye, and Fine Prose.” Sarah Anne Johnson. The Writer (April 2012), 24-27.

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