Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Question: What are two basic types of poems?

Answer/Quote: “Did you know that every poem that’s ever been written…is either a lyric poem or a narrative poem? And that you can tell the difference simply by deciding whether or not it’s telling a story? It’s a distinction that we should all be aware of before we begin a new poem, because it reminds us that there are two ways of approaching the same subject matter. But first we’d better define our terms. A lyric poem is a snapshot. It presents to the reader a moment that’s frozen in time….. A narrative poem, on the other hand, is a poem that tells a story.” P. 17.

Comment: Might be a useful distinction for students who dread dealing with the technicalities of poetry. RayS.

Title: Poet to Poet: Tell Them a Story.” Marilyn L Taylor. The Writer (April 2012), 17-18.

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