Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Common Core Standards

Question: What are some implications of changes in curriculum as a result of the Common Core Standards?

[Note: A detailed listing of these Common Core State Standards (K-12, CCSS) appeared in this blog, English Updates from March through July 2010. To see the guidelines, click on 2010 in the Archive Section on the left of the current blog, then click on March, April, May, June and July for my reviews of individual standards. Another way to find my reviews of the standards is to type March 2010 into the search engine on the left at the top of the blog. In general, I was impressed with the standards for English, K-12. RayS. ]

Answer: Suggests that a glossary is important “because not all teachers understood terms in the same way.” Also material covered in fifth-grade texts is now suggested for third grade. Will need to wait for textbooks aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Comment: I suggest that teachers at particular grade levels study the core standards for that grade level and raise questions about what they need to know and to do at that grade level. What are the implications of the suggested changes? What do the changes mean for the teachers? How will they need to adjust the curriculum to include the changes? Again, I have studied the Common Core Standards and I am generally impressed with them. RayS.

Title: “Making It Work—First Steps to Common Core Integration.” Lorna Collier. Council Chronicle (March 2012), 19-22.

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