Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Writer's Block

Question: What are some unusual methods for beating writer’s block?

Note: This article is about motivating oneself for writing. There are 20 tips, most of which I’ve seen before. Here are two that I find interesting and unusual:

#11: “Write about writing. Because there are so many possible obstacles to writing, when one presents itself it can be efficient and enlightening to explore what’s holding you back by writing down your thoughts. Do you have reservations about what you’ve written so far? Are you worried that the finished product won’t succeed? Are you distracted by other obligations? A written investigation can help identify the reasons for trouble. It also provides a good medium in which to work out a solution.”

#16: “Skip Ahead. If you’re having trouble with the section of your project you’re currently writing, try skipping ahead to something you can write immediately. You’ll make progress, even if out of order, or may even stumble on a solution to your earlier writing problem.”

Title: “Instant Writing Motivation.” Luc Reid. The Writer (April 2012), 44-45.

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