Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Elements of a Book Proposal

Question: Want to write a book? What are the elements of a book proposal?

> “The overview includes a description of your book, an understanding of its scope, its unique features and the reasons why you are the right person to write it (1-5 pages).”

>  “The about-the-author section compellingly positions you as the right person to write your book. Keep it short ad to the point…. Avoid personal or ancillary information that has no bearing on the project (1 page).”

 > “Your about-the-market section highlights demographics and qualitative data to demonstrate an existing targeted audience for your project; emphasizes your book’s distinguishing elements and identifies and evaluates competitive works in an objective and informative way (3-5 pages).”

> Your author-platform section shows how strong a sales partner you will be when your book is published (1-2 pages).

> “A table of contents offers a comprehensive outline of your entire work. Short headlines and summaries are acceptable, but ensure that every word supports both the style and content of the project (2-6 pages).”

> “A polished writing sample will convince your targeted agent or publisher to read additional chapters of your book and that he or she should be your partner in publishing it (usually 3 chapters).”

Comment: If you’re not discouraged by the things you have to do to complete the book proposal, then get to it. RayS.

Title: “How to Craft a Winning Book Proposal.” Marilyn Allen and Coleen O’Shea. The Writer (May 2012), 43-44.

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