Monday, April 23, 2012


Question: What are some ways to begin stories or essays?


> With a list.

> As a reflection.

> With reminiscence.

> With something you didn’t know.

> With a report of a past event or a crime.

> With a generality.

> With fascinating facts.

> With a portrait in words.

> With a first or last event.

> With an assertion.

> With a conflict.

> In the middle of a discovery.

> With a child narrator.

> In the middle of an emergency.

> With a diagnosis.

> With a mystery.

Comment: An interesting list for beginnings of essays. The sequence of activities I suggest in writing the essay includes brainstorming the topic; thesis; draft, including the thesis, the middle paragraphs and the last paragraph—and then the introductory paragraph.  RayS.

 Title: “Where to Begin.” Laura Oliver. The Writer (May 2012), 30-31.

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