Thursday, April 26, 2012

Challenges in Teaching Reading

Question: What are three challenging concepts in teaching children to read?

 Answer #1 and  #2: From guided to independent reading; from prior knowledge to new concepts: “It is the conscious movement from guided to independent practice that students build a … model that links their prior knowledge to new concepts.” P. 15.

Answer #3: Applying strategies from one text to a new text: “They see how they can apply each strategy they are learning to a new text.” P. 18.

Comment: From guided to independent reading, from prior knowledge to new concepts, from using a strategy on one text to another text. Three challenging concepts in teaching reading. RayS.

 Title: “Post-scripts: Teaching Reading in the Aftermath of Prescriptive Curriculum Policies.” H Maniates and J Mahiri. Language Arts (September 2011), 10-21.

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