Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Writer's Block

Question: How can a writer beat writer’s block?

Answer/Quote: “I realized early in my career that I couldn’t afford to suffer from writer’s block and I developed a system that banishes it. It is what I call the bracket system, because it evolved when I was writing my novel in pencil and paper on a clipboard. When I ran out of inspiration or encountered a problem in the narrative, I did not stop writing. Instead, I went into brackets to distinguish my notes from the fictive text. There I discussed the problem and pondered ways to handle it….The point is to keep writing, whether on the main text or in notes.”

Comment: Excellent idea. When you’re blocked, put your thoughts on the problem in brackets and discuss with yourself how to solve it. RayS.

Title: “What Is the Single Most Useful Thing You’ve Learned about Writing, and How Has It Helped You As a Writer?” Piers Anthony. [Piers Anthony is a science-fiction and fantasy author of 140 books, including 21 New York Times bestsellers, many of which have been from his long-running Xanth fantasy series.] The Writer (April 2012), 12.

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